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What is a weave?

Not sure what a weave or single rows is really all about, watch this quick video!

How to steam iron dry hair!

Hair extensions feeling a pinch dry? 

Try this super easy method to smoothen and infus some much needed moisture into your extensions :-) 

How to make your own Shampoo!

Learn how to make Nessa's Super awesome moisturising, chemical & sulfate free shampoo at home! 

This shampoo is great for all hair types but esspecially good for dry hair, scalp and moisturising curly hair and extensions :-D

Permament straight to curly

Watch this video and learn how to permanently add a curl to your straight hair extensions or wig without the use of chemicals!! 

The secret? BOIL IT!

How to do a quick weave

how I do my quick weaves!